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NEXEL-CROEN has signed an MOU on technology business for non-clinical evaluation of drugs


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Published DATE: Nov 24, 2022 


(From the left) Baek Sung-jin, CEO of CROEN, and Han Chung-sung, CEO of NEXEL, are taking photos after signing a strategic business cooperation agreement. / Photo courtesy of = NEXEL


NEXEL, a company specializing in human-induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC) technology, announced on the 24th that it has signed a strategic business cooperation agreement with CROEN for technical partnership and business cooperation on drug non-clinical evaluation.

Under the agreement, the two organizations will actively promote drug safety and efficacy evaluation projects using human stem cell models, develop various cell model-based drug non-clinical evaluation platforms including human stem cell models, and GLP certification of alternatives to animal testing. 


NEXEL is a bio-venture company based on hiPSC technology. It has sales of hiPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes products and NeXST services optimized for the new ICH guideline (S7B/E14) to replace the existing out-of-breed new drug safety evaluation method (hERG assay). In addition, recently, it has been expanding its scope to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new drugs using liver, heart, and lung organoids.

CROEN is a CRO (Contract Research Organization), considered the leader in next-generation non-clinical tests. It provides integrated safety and effectiveness results in the development of new substances, new drugs, and chemicals and provides development solutions. In particular, it plans to expand its business areas such as non-clinical CRO testing and new drug development consulting based on the profit model of non-clinical testing agency such as toxicity and efficacy testing, animal disease diagnosis systems, excellent candidate discovery projects, clinical trial projects, bioequivalence tests, and medical device license registration.

In addition, through this agreement, the two companies plan to cooperate in non-clinical testing of new drug candidate materials, jointly utilize facilities and equipment related to cooperative projects, and exchange manpower.

"The market is already expanding in Europe, Japan, and the United States for evaluating the efficacy and toxicity of new drug candidates based on hiPSC-derived somatic cell products. We are proud that NEXEL is the only company in Korea that leads this global trend," said Han Chung-sung, CEO of NEXEL.

"We hope that the signing of this business agreement will serve as an opportunity to become a great CRO at domestic and foreign by combining the technology of CROEN and NEXEL, which have excellent business skills in non-clinical testing methods," he stressed.

Baek Sung-jin, CEO of Croen, said, "Both companies will not only create a win-win cooperation model, but also combine Nexel's technology capabilities and Croen's infrastructure to accelerate the internationalization of the level of non-clinical tests in Korea through synergy and quantum jumps."



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