NEXEL Co., Ltd. signs Memorandum of Understanding with KangWon National University School of Medicine


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NEWS Date: Mar 29. 2021


NEXEL Co., Ltd., and KangWon University Institute of Medical Science (KNUIMS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on collaborative research in the field of pulmonary fibrosis treatment (to further strengthen the relations for pulmonary fibrosis treatment research). Both parties expect synergies from their respective expertise in drug development and lung disease research.


Dr. Choongsung Han, CEO of NEXEL Co., Ltd., and Professor Seokho Hong, PhD, head director of KNUIMS signed the document March 29th at KangWon National University’s Chuncheon campus.


The partnership will initially focus on accelerating NEXEL’s idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) therapy drug development project, NPT-002X, a peptide therapy which has shown great promise in early proof-of-concept experiments. Under the partnership, the two parties have also agreed to collaborate by applying for national research grant proposals, holding regular academic events and cultivating new promising talent. Ultimately, the NEXEL-KNUIMS partnership aims to develop disruptive novel technologies which will cure currently untreatable diseases.


About NEXEL: NEXEL is an up-and-coming biotech-company found in 2012 specializing in  induced pluripotent stem cell(iPSC) technology. Since then, NEXEL has discovered two major protein-based therapeutic pipelines for fibrosis-related diseases. Dr. Choongseong Han found NEXEL to pursue his passion for research after a successful career as a dental practitioner & entrepreneur and has since grown it into a promising company nearing its initial public offering (IPO).


About KNUIMS: KNU was established in 1978 and found the KNU Institute of Medical Science in 1997, addressing the regional medical infrastructure needs. Since then, it has developed itself into a state-of-the-art research institution performing research in 16 different core areas. Dr. Seokho Hong, director of the stem cells & applications group and awardee at the 2020 Korea Science and Technology Annual Meeting, has recently taken on the role as head director of KNUIMS.


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