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Greeting of CEO Introducing NEXEL

  • Make a Better Place

    NEXEL is committed to become a world-class biotech company. We aim to develop innovative new therapies to help patients and provide to tools for researchers to boost their projects. Thus, we will create value for our investors, our fellow researchers, and our world and fulfill our mission to “Make a Better Place”
    NEXEL is a world leader in iPSC (induced Pluripotent Stem Cell) technology as the first Korean company to license iPS technology and setting a new paradigm in the in vitro toxicity field through successful commercialization of iPS-derived cells which mimic actual human functionality. Furthermore, we are investing our expertise into the discovery and development of new drug candidates based on proteins and peptides derived from stem cell technology.
    Our team consists of talented individuals who share a passion for innovation and high scientific standards. They are assisted by our valuable collaborators within the academic and clinical communities. This is the engine moving NEXEL closer and closer every day to achieving its mission.
    We ask for your continuous support, as NEXEL evolves into the company it aspires to be.

    Thank you.

    CEOChoongseong Han