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NeXST(Next Xight Screening Test)
-(Cardiac Safety Service)

NEXEL’s NeXST Cardiac Safety Service aims to aid our collaborators make efficient decisions for their drug development programs. Although current safety guidelines have successfully eliminated hERG-related risk issues there are many concerns over the accuracy of the assay as hERG-block does not always equate to QT prolongation in patients. Many other ion channels are involved, as well as calcium handling or contraction-related, not covered at all by the hERG assay. NEXEL is a member of the HESI CiPA working group and is currently participating in the ICH guideline revision making novel assays including iPS-Cardiomyocytes mandatory to preclinical toxicity testing. Our integrated Cardiac Safety platform has been extensively validated to provide accurate results based on the most recent standards.

NEXEL provides its Cardiac Safety Service using its own Cardiosight®-S, making costs and experimental designs much more flexible. Reach out to us now and make your drug cardio-safe!

Electrophysiology, Contractility, Viability - All-in-one Service

Cardiac Safety Assay Results
(relative changes to vehicle)

  • Cardiac Safety Service
  • Cardiac Safety Service

Cardiac Safety Service

The survival rate of drug development programs is very low.

  • Cardiac Safety Service
    • 3~6 years $ 674 million
    • 6~7 years $ 954 million
  • Drug
    Survival Rate

Adapted from Scannell et al. 2012

Cardiotoxicity is the leading cause for drug attrition(Car, 2006)

Cardiac safety issues arise even after the drug reaches the market.

  • Cardiac Safety Service
  • 45% of all drug withdrawals are related to cardiovascular issues
    (Stevens and Baker, 2009)

Cardiac Safety ServiceNEXEL’s Cardiac Safety is the New Paradigm

  • Cardiac Safety Service
    ICH Guideline S7B
    The Non-Clinical Evaluation of Delayed Ventricular Repolarization (QT Interval Prolongation)
  • Cardiac Safety Service
    Cardiac Safety Service
    (by 2021~22)
  • Cardiac Safety Service
    Worldwide collaboration to update Cardiac Safety
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