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General FAQ

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Is it ok if I add antibiotics to the cell culture media?

Please refer to the User Guide for recommendations for general cell culture. Internally, we have not seen any adverse effects when adding antibiotics. If you have a specific antibiotic you would like to enquire about, reach out to technical_support@nexel.co.kr

Are any antibiotics supplemented?

None of our products includes antibiotics. Please refer to our User Guide for more details.

What is the cell culture media composition?

We can not divulge the exact components of each product as our serum-free recipe's optimization is proprietary knowledge. If there is a specific component which could affect your experiment, please reach out to technical_support@nexel.co.kr

The 'purity' of the cells is lower than 100% in the CoA, what makes up the rest?

NEXEL's cell products are all of a purity higher than 90% when assessed by flow cytometry. However, when tested by Immunocytochemistry there are rarely other cell types observable.

Can the cells be frozen again?

We do not recommend to refreeze the cell. The viability/cell return on such process will be very low.

What is different from a primary cell?

It was developed to mimic the primary cell and is easier for long-term culture than the primary cell. Also, unlike the primary cell, it shows consistent quality by batch.

Is it possible to passage the cells?

We highly recommend against attempting to passage the cells as they do not proliferate once differentiation is completed and passaging the cells will result in cell death.

What is the expiry date of the product?

'The expiry date is indicated on the product's label. The cell culture media should be used within a month after thawing. 

How many hiPSC lines are being used for the products?

NEXEL uses a single hiPSC line for all commercially available products currently. We are actively testing new cell lines and are preparing cell line panels for the future.

How was the iPSC line derived?

NEXEL's iPSCs were reprogrammed using the Sendai virus method with the 4 Yamanaka trancription factors (Oct3/4, Sox2, c-Myc, Klf4)

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