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Application protocol

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8 [MolecularDevices] Quantifying subtypes of the iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and alpha-actinin fragmentation download
7 [PerkinElmer]Operetta® CLS™ High-Content Analysis System Application note_Analysis of Mitochondrial Dynamics in Human iPSC-derived Neurons
6 Cardiosight®-S CE96 and FLEX96 Application Protocol_Eng download
5 [PerkinElmer]Opera Phenix Plus System Application note_Label-Free Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Beating
4 [InnoVitro] FLEXcyte 96 Application note_Positive inotropic effects download
3 {Nanion} FLEXcyte 96 Application note_MMComparison download
2 Cardiosight®-S Maestro Application Protocol_Eng download
1 Neurosight®-S User Guide for the Axion Maestro_Eng download
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